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Best Selling Engagement Rings

July 10, 2018
We are already more than half way through 2018! Can you believe it?! We’ve loved seeing all the beautiful engagement rings designed so far this year and decided to share the top 5 most popular styles here.


1. Round Diamond Rings

Round diamond rings are the epitome of the classic engagement ring. The round diamond in a four prong setting is as timeless as you can get but there are also so many ways to make it unique. There are so many ways that the classic round ring can be designed and we’ve seen the best designs come from the amazing couples who have chosen us at their jewelers. We’ve seen all different band designs, halos, metals, and details this year and absolutely love the creativity of Lancaster couples!

2. Oval Diamond Ring

Oval diamond rings can be quirky and elegant at the same time. We’ve seen many ovals in all different color gems and metals, often with a beautiful halo that accentuates the diamond and makes it look bigger that the same time. Oval rings shine bright and lays beautifully on the finger.

3. Pear Diamond Ring

Pear shaped rings are so much fun and we have loved seeing how our couples have made it their own. Pear shaped rings are feminine and edgy but still have an air of elegance and romance. We’ve seen pear shaped solitaires with a rose gold twisted vine band, halos with a detailed white gold band, and bevel set with a simple yellow gold band.

4. 3 Stone Diamond Ring

3 Stone diamond rings sets a romantic and vintage tone. There are endless ways to design a 3 stone ring and we’ve seen them all come through this year. We’ve seen 3 emerald cut diamonds, one oval and two round, all different shapes, and all different layouts. While many 3 stone rings are grand and glorious, we’ve also seen many subtle and dainty rings with a 3 stone setting this year. We love the versatility and individuality of this style and are hoping to see many more through the second half of 2018.

5. Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Cushion cut diamonds have a modern feel and goes with any gem color and metal combination. Cushion cut rings have been very popular in 2018 so far and we are here for it! We’ve loved seeing the unique gem colors, mixing of metals, and various layouts. We are so honored by all the Lancaster couples who have allowed us to create their perfect engagement rings and are looking forward to what the second half of 2018 has to offer!

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