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2018 Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

January 29, 2018

2018 is going to be a great year for unique and beautiful wedding rings! We’ve done our research and rounded up the top 5 trends for 2018, all of which can be found at your local Lancaster jewelry store, Ream Jewelers!


Colored Gems: Sapphire, Pink Diamonds, Rubies

While diamonds will always hold true and everlasting, we absolutely love the rise in popularity of colored gems for engagement rings. Colorful gems bring interest and a sense of individuality to rings. From deep blue sapphires to a more subtle pink tone, color gems are popping up in every setting and in all styles.

Unique Gem Colors


Unique Gem Shapes: Oval & Pear

It’s not just the color of gems that are more unique, gem shapes are also shaking things up in 2018. There’s been a huge rise in popularity with more unique gem shapes including pear and oval. These gems pair well with a simple band that allows the gem to stand out as well as more intricate and vintage settings.

unique wedding rings shape


Unique Band Designs: Chevron, Twist, Split Shank

It’s easy to see that UNIQUE is the word of of the year for 2018. Along with colorful gems and varied gem shapes, we are also seeing interesting and intricate band designs. These designs include Chevron, Twist, and Split Shank. We love all these band trends and are excited to see how our clients customize them!

unique band shape


Rose Gold

Rose gold is a trend we are always happy to see rise to the top. Not only does rose gold add an element of romance and femininity to a ring, but its tone is complimentary to every skin type. Rose gold is also a great metal to mix with white gold or platinum.

rose gold wedding rings



This final trend is breaking all the rules and we absolutely LOVE IT! While we will always have place in our hearts for the classic and minimalist solitaire diamond, we love its polar opposite. A set of rings that when put together create a completely unique look tailored for the bride. Are you a bit vintage, a bit modern, and a bit eclectic? Then this is the look for you! There’s no compromising necessary with this look!

stacking engagement rings


With all these new trends and thousands of design options to choose from, the process of selecting the perfect engagement ring may seem daunting. Not to worry! Ream Jewelers has a staff of custom ring designers and experts to help you select a ring that you’ll love for life.

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